PRESS RELEASE - 19 June 2014

VISION AIR INTERNATIONAL THE FIRST PAKISTANI PRIVATE SECTOR AIR COMPANY TO ACHIEVE IOSA REGISTRATION KARACHI, 19 June 2014 – Vision Air International (Private) Limited is the first private sector air company in Pakistan and the only Air Charter company in its region (Asia Pacific) to have achieved the IOSA Registration under the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) program. This achievement demonstrates Vision’s continued commitment to the highest industry standards of safety and quality. IOSA is the benchmark for global safety management in aviation. The audit is designed to assess operational management and control systems in 8 disciplines and over 900 internationally harmonized standards and recommended practices of an airline. Airlines that have audited to full conformity with IOSA standards make a clear, unquestionable statement about the integrity of their operations and their ability to manage the associated risks. Vision’s Chief Executive Capt. Aijaz Ali Faizi said, “As a Pakistani air company and in this period of our growth and development, IOSA registration is most especially meaningful to Vision. Safety, Safety, Safety has, is and will always be our mantra. Compliance with IOSA standards and recommended practices enhances our existing systems of uncompromising detail to policies, procedures and processes. The IOSA Registration significantly affirms and strengthens Vision’s position going forward as we seek to soon launch our scheduled passenger airline and as we continue to explore new business opportunities within our region and beyond.” Quali-audit from Paris, France conducted an intensive audit of Vision Air International culminating in its listing on the IOSA Registry – a publicly available international listing of all IOSA conforming operators on the IATA website (

About Vision Air Vision Air International registered as a Private Limited Company in June 2006 and in 2007 had already acquired its Air Charter License for Passenger and Cargo, Domestic and International operations. Having initially operated B737 - 200 and -300 passenger aircraft Vision is now primarily focused on air cargo and operates B737 and B747 freighter aircraft. Vision transports the majority of Pakistan’s air courier material on its nightly scheduled flights internally within Pakistan. Its B747 freighter aircraft operates globally for some of the top airlines and air charter brokers of the world. Vision is an applicant for the scheduled passenger airline license and is looking forward to the launch of its airline soon. Vision has pledged that its airline will be of world-class standards, blending the hospitality of the east with the comforts, safety and reliability of the most modern western standards. The IOSA registration is the first milestone towards keeping this pledge.