Aircraft Charter


Our cargo charter is an end-to-end solution with international coverage offering rapid deployment. Vision Air International ensures to provide charter solutions that are speedy, flexible, economical, and tailor made to individual requirements.

Our expertise is in providing cost effective solutions that cover the right air craft selection, cargo details (size and nature), cargo handling (loading and unloading) and 360 degrees operational requirements, with best possible advice and consultation on building an efficient and cost effective solution.

The service also covers the broad aspects of:

  • Planning of entire charter operation
  • Administrative support
  • Provision of crew and staff

Air Cargo Charter Solutions provides the following additional specializations:

  • Transportation of heavy and oversized cargo, and
  • Time sensitive cargo


We have a long history of providing passenger charter services in the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and Europe.

Passenger charters are available for business events, group travel, government functionaries and officials, and sports events.

Vision Air International helps you select the right aircrafts with the right service. We aim to give you an exceptional experience. Typically, our scope of services covers selecting the right aircraft for your group of passengers with careful planning of your schedule, and providing your guests personalized ground services, friendly and professional service on board, and 24/7 support.


With our versatile capability to carry aid and equipment, Vision Air International provides speedy and efficient support to the disaster relief mobilizations.

During a catastrophe or international disaster, NGOs, international relief agencies and government, need to mobilize, travel and deploy essential supplies, equipment, resources and key disaster management personnel to affected areas.

We have years of experience in providing direct and speedy charters for emergency response, helping evacuations, transfer of supplies and people from areas of natural disaster providing rapid air lift capability for moving equipment, medical and engineering teams

Our scope of service includes selection and provision of the best type of air craft for the mission, arranging priority loading and off-loading services, supervising flight planning, access of airport, and providing administrative assistance and round the clock support and monitoring.