Aircraft Leasing


This facility allows our client(s) to gain a flight number in the fastest way possible. An expert operator is in continuous contact with the client providing them assistance and consultation. Simultaneously knowledge is being transferred from Vision Air International, so that the client carrier can build its own skill and in time bring an outsourced solution in-house.

Wet Lease benefits to the client:

  • To augment existing markets
  • To provide service in seasonal markets
  • To provide capacity in short term notice
  • To provide capacity with a specific (often niche) Aircraft type
  • To provide capacity before the airline gains its own AOC
  • To provide capacity when it is constrained from doing so itself
  • Services can be offered on a trial basis


We provide dry leasing arrangements for our clients, which lasts up to two years and bears certain conditions with respect to depreciation, maintenance, insurances, etc., depending on the geographical location and political circumstances.

We offer two forms of Dry Lease arrangements.


Vision Air International offers another leasing solution with less risk. This solution aims to provide support to the client in times of market demand increases, to allow the client to generate extra revenue without bearing the burden of fixed costs of an extra aircraft when the demand is lower.

Aircraft Leasing

Vision Air International with the aim of providing customer-centric service, provides wide range of aircraft leasing and acquisition solutions with multiple options such as; dry/wet leases and AMCI based arrangements through best financing and sourcing possibilities.